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A guide to



A Guide To Squirting

A guide to help you explore squirting. 

This guide covers:

  • What is Squirting?
  • Ejaculation vs.Orgasm
  • Anatomy 
  • Arousal 
  • Solo Squirting
  • Positions For Solo Squirting 
  • Partnered Squirting
  • Positions For Partnered Squirting
  • Toys For Squirting 
  • How to use the Becuming Squirt Box


A guide to help you explore squirting.

This course takes the mystery out of squirting and debunks myths, such as what squirt is. This course is for anyone who wants to explore their capacity to squirt or assist their partner in squirting.

You’ll begin by exploring the vulva’s anatomy specific to squirting, move on to toys that can assist in ejaculating, all the way to actual fingering techniques and motions that will get vulva-owners to squirt.


- Sexologist

Kass Mourikis is a Melbourne-based Sexologist and the founder of Pleasure Centred Sexology. Kass believes pleasure is the key to many things in life and recognises trauma can impact pleasure in many complex ways. Kass holds a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours and a Master of Sexology. She is a member of the Society of Australian Sexologists.

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