Personalised Pleasure Subscription

$59.99 AUD

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Your credit card will be debited $50/month, and you’ll receive a new box every 3 months, at the start of each 3-month cycle. So it’s kinda like Afterpay, but even more pleasurable than impulse buying.


Personalised Pleasure Subscription

How does it work?

We’re gonna keep you satisfied the old fashioned way: clear communication.

  • Step 1


    ...our quiz. Let us know what you’re into, what you’re not, what you’re curious about.

  • Step 2


    ...a curated selection of sex toys based on your responses. Delivered descreetly, of course.

  • Step 3


    ...with yourself. Or a partner. Whoever, really. So long as you’re exploring what feels good.

  • Step 4


    ...what’s working for you. Give us feedback about what you liked, and what you want to explore next.

Your satisfaction is our business.

And nobody likes being disappointed.
 Especially in the bedroom.

  • Promise 1

    Pleasure promise

    Didn’t get the job done? 
We’ll add a free replacement toy to your next box. No questions asked; no eyebrows raised.

  • Promise 2

    Quality goodness

    If you’re going to stick foreign objects in your bum, it’s good to at least know where they come from. All of our products are top-quality, body-safe, and can take a pounding.

  • Promise 3

    Cancel anytime

    We want to create a subscription service that you can feel good about. Cancel or skip your next delivery if you’re not feeling it. We won’t tie you up, unless you ask for it.

  • Promise 4

    Free shipping

    Sex toys galore, delivered to your door! Whatever you want, wherever you are, delivered discreetly, with free standard shipping across Australia.

Only the best brands for your bits.

When it comes to getting a quality orgasm, we’re not trying to fuck around.

Brand 1
Brand 2
Brand 3
Brand 4
Brand 5
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