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A guide to



A Guide To Kink

A guide to help you discover and explore your kinks safely. 

This guide covers:

  • Consent, Negotiation and Boundaries
  • Finding Your Kinks 
  • Roles and Dynamics 
  • Soft and Hard Limits 
  • Triggers and Trauma 
  • Bondage and Restraints
  • Impact Play
  • Sensation Play
  • Breath Play
  • Humiliation Play
  • Role Play
  • Service and Restrictive Behaviour 
  • Voyeurism and Exhibitionism 
  • Medical Play


A guide to help you explore your kinks safely.

The world of kink is large and bountiful, providing a rich terrain to explore boundaries and relational dynamics. But where and how to start? Or, if you're experienced, how can you go deeper? Whether you see yourself as an absolute beginner or someone with experience, this guide will help you find the techniques needed to safely explore a wide variety of kink and BDSM.

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