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Membership to help you explore sex


A six-month membership to help you explore sex. Choose two of our bundles boxes. The first will be delivered immediately, with the next one arriving in three months' time.

What do you want to explore? Date: for cultivating intimate moments, Duo: for partnered sex, Squirt: for learning to squirt, Kink: for exploring impact, restraint, and deprivation, Vibe: for exploring vulva pleasure and Ass: for butt play.

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Membership to help you explore sex

A Friends with Benefits membership includes:

  • Your choice of two Becuming Bundle Boxes over six months
  • Discount code for 10% of the entire store for six months
  • Access to all Becuming Sex Guides
  • Welcome wine
  • Becuming merchandise and early access to all Becuming event tickets.

Choose your pleasure

The six-month membership includes your choice of two Becuming Bundle Boxes delivered straight to your door, the first upon ordering and the second following three months later. All boxes are shipped express and free of charge, with tracking.

Exclusive online access to our guides

Receive free digital access to all Becuming’s Sex Guides. Co-written by Sexologist Kass Mourikis and Becuming Founder Caroline Moreau-Hammond, the guides include practical advice and tools to help you explore with confidence

Box Club