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Between social pressure and taboo, sex can be tricky.

Welcome to Becuming.

We’re not here to tell you what good sex is or how to find the deepest orgasm: we believe sex is a personal exploration with yourself and others.

Becuming exists to encourage sexual exploration by connecting you with products that enhance sexual experiences. Whether they’re mild or wild, this is a space to explore your desires and discover what you find sexually satisfying.

Your satisfaction is our business.

Like any industry, the sex industry is populated by companies with varying levels of integrity who often hide their practices behind sophisticated branding.

Our carefully curated products are designed with knowledge and experience, and made with respect to people and the environment.

Our intentions are clear.

We vet all products through a clear criteria, ensuring everything we sell is of a high quality, body-safe, and produced with clear ethics.

We do not inflate our prices by selling above recommended retail price.

We minimise our carbon footprint by consolidating stock when shipping, using recycled or recyclable materials when packaging, and by offering recycling for used sex toys (even if they’re not purchased through our platform).

And if you are unhappy with any of our products, we’ll send you a new one at no cost.

Communication is important to us.

If something arouses our attention, we want to talk about it.

Through The Sex Journal and our podcast The Philosophy of Sex, we engage in the ever evolving conversation around sex in Western society: interviewing people who explore the erotic; commissioning stories of sexual experiences; unpacking our community’s curiosities; and reviewing product that has piqued our interest.

Have a sexy story you'd like to share or want to write for Becuming? Head to our contact page.

Our beginnings.

"Like every human, I've experienced the shame that can come with sex. Becuming is our response to - and shift away from - the taboo treatment of sexuality.

Our mission is to create a place where sex is a source of joy, not distress. Sexuality is highly individual, culminating all your experiences and information you've been fed. Becuming is here to help you navigate your history and experiences, to craft the sexual future you truly want.

At Becuming, we're not experts; we're facilitators. Above all, we are people still on our sexual journeys. Every human goes through different life stages, with partners, bodies, minds and a world that are all ever-changing. All of this impacts our sexual identity. Becuming will walk alongside you, no matter where you are on your journey or how it changes.

We're here to support you in becoming the most joyous version of yourself. Where you experience pleasure without guilt and embarrassment. Where you're able to communicate your needs and desires."

– Caroline Moreau-Hammond, Founder

We’re in loving relationships.

Our products are selected according to a clear criteria. We only stock brands you can trust.