One-off Boxes

Designed to make you curious, turn you on, and get you off. Buy one for yourself, and your partner. Or gift to a friend.


A sensuous collection of sexy bits for an especially sensational Valentine's evening. Each season we partner a series of brands to create a sensuous and delicious night in. This box has all the sexy things to help you reconnect with your lover. The idea is simple. Light a candle, pour each other a drink, play beautiful music, cook together, feed each other, talk and share, give a slow sensual massage and see what happens.


Every body squirts. Some just need a little more encouragement than others. 


Practice might not make perfect, butt it is a lot of fun.


A little bit of slap and tickle. Maybe a little more than a little.


Two’s company. Three’s a crowd. Nothing wrong with a crowd.


Get some (real) good vibes going with this satisfying starter kit.

Pleasure. Delivered.

Explore what gets you off with a personalised selection of sex toys delivered straight to your door.

Step 1


...our quiz. Let us know what you’re into, what you’re not, what you’re curious about.

Step 2


...a curated selection of sex toys based on your responses. Delivered discreetly, of course.

Step 3


...with yourself. Or a partner. Whoever, really. So long as you’re exploring what feels good.

Step 4


...what’s working for you. Give us feedback about what you liked, and what you want to explore next.

Only the best brands for your bits.

When it comes to getting a quality orgasm, we’re not trying to fuck around.

Brand 1
Brand 2
Brand 3
Brand 4
Brand 5
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