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In case it’s not clear, when we write solo, partnered or group, it refers to the amount of people we suggest to be involved with the use of a particular product; while beginner, intermediate and advanced refers to the suggested experience level for use of a product. As for some of the other terms we use on this website, here’s some you may or may not know.


The anterior fornix erogenous zone, or a-spot, is located between the front vaginal wall and the cervix, around four to five inches inside the vagina.

Anal play

Any kind of activity involving the anus and rectum.


The sexual relational dynamics that involve bondage and discipline; domination and submission; and sadomasochism.


Depriving a particular sense to focus and heighten sensual experience.


The g-spot is along the inner front wall of the vagina, part of the larger clitoral network.

Harness play

Wearing a harness for decorative or sexual purposes - eg. attaching a dildo to penetrate a partner.


The use of hands, paddles, whips and floggers against the body to create different sensations.


Sometimes referred to as the male g-spot, the p-spot refers to the prostate, a small walnut-sized muscular gland that produces the fluid that helps sperm travel and survive.


Attaching a dildo to a harness and penetrating a partner’s anus.


Activities that restrain the mouth, hands, arms, legs and feet.


Oral stimulation of the anus.

Temperature play

The use of heat and cold to heighten the senses.