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Season 1

Why Is Sex Still Taboo?

ft. Jeanne Proust, Cheyenne M Davis & Sue Johnson

Google “sex and taboo” and you’ll be returned results like “It’s 2021. Why is sex still taboo?” It’s a fair question. It is 2021, so why is sex still taboo? 


In this episode, we explore the underlying purposes taboo serves when it comes to sex. We interrogate whether sexual taboos are fundamentally at odds with shame-free sex, and discuss how our erotic imaginations can contradict our ethical positions. Some taboos may contribute to sexual desire, but is there a way to explore them while reducing potential harm to others?


Over the next thirty minutes, Cheyenne M Davis, Sue Jaye Johnson, Jeanne Proust and Caroline talk about the imbalances and problems that emerge when taboos aren’t examined carefully.

In this episode, we dig into the nuances of sex positivity, kink and fetishisation, and explore the delicate relationship between power and privilege, and personhood and autonomy. 



Read these articles by Cheyenne: https://medium.com/unveild 


Read articles by Sue and other contributors on The Pleasure Report: https://thepleasurereport.substack.com/ 


Read more of Jeanne Proust’s work: https://jeanneproust.github.io/index.html

Listen to her podcast "Can you phil it" here.


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