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Season 1

Welcome to The Philosophy of Sex.

ft. Caroline Moreau-Hammond

Everyone's talking about sex. But, where's the information really coming from?


I’m Caroline Moreau-Hammond and this is a show called The Philosophy of Sex, where I want to talk more deeply about what sex means to us - and why?

vThis podcast is for anyone who’s interested in why we think and behave the way we do. 


What are the philosophies we’ve inherited through history? How do we deal with taboo? What role does medicalisation play? What is Tantra and BDSM? How is technology transforming the sex toy industry?


We’re going to line up the facts, without judgement, to help you form your own philosophy of sex. Tune in, I’m sure it’ll make you see sex in a way you’ve never seen it before. 


We're on Instagram @becuming.me.



Producer & host: Caroline Moreau-Hammond

Producer, editor & original music: Zoltan Fecso