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Season 1

Sexology, Pathology and the Path to Female Pleasure.

ft. Liz Canner, Kassandra Mourikis, Laura Eustace & Francesca Gonzales

Would you take an orgasm pill, if it existed? If you didn’t want to, what other roads to more pleasurable sex are available? In this episode, we examine the influences impacting how women relate to their pleasure. 


Women have been taught to have a voice and demand egalitarian treatment in all areas of their lives. Yet, this doesn’t seem to have extended to sex. Today we’ll be interrogating how we got here…


We hear from Liz Canner, creator of the documentary Orgasm Inc., about the race to medicalise the female orgasm. Sexologist Kassandra Mourikis also joins us to discuss how myths and misconceptions have left many people incorrectly feeling broken and abnormal. 


Two brave women, Laura Eustace and Francesca Gonzales, share their stories about working through sexual abuse trauma and fighting for their right to pleasure. 


As we unpack the many false truths surrounding female sexuality, from marketing tactics to pharmaceuticals, we explore the risks of exploitation and misinformation. 




If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment and feel you would like to speak to someone for support or information, 1800RESPECT (Phone: 1800 737 732) can provide counselling 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


Laura Eustace speaks up about her trauma at The Flourish Project: @flourishprojectnz


Francesca Gonzales is a Melbourne based songwriter and vocal coach: @frankogonzo__


Kassandra Mourikis is a trauma-informed sexologist based in Melbourne: https://www.pleasurecentredsexology.com.au/


Liz Canner is the award-winning director of Orgasm: http://www.orgasminc.org/about-the-filmmaker.php

Watch Orgasm Inc: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/orgasmcp


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Producer & host: Caroline Moreau-Hammond

Producer, editor & original music: Zoltan Fecso

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