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Season 1

Long-play: Euphemia Russell

ft. Euphemia Russell

Have you ever thought about the relationship between time and pleasure? Sex and pleasure are temporal experiences, meaning how we relate to time can impact how frequently we experience pleasure both while we’re having sex, and when we’re not. 


Our consciousness is like a stream that can include, past, present and future sensations at any given moment. Our perception of time is dependent on our flow of consciousness; whether we are attached to what was, living in the moment, or are in anticipation. 


If we are in a constant state of distraction, experiencing pleasure will be extremely difficult. In a world where pressure on our pace of living and attention is seemingly ever-increasing, connecting with pleasures past, present, and future can be extremely difficult.


These concepts can be seemingly esoteric. But as this week’s guest, embodiment and somatics coach, Euphemia Russell reminds us, by understanding how we relate to time and spaciousness, we’re able to cultivate more pleasure in our lives. 


You might’ve heard Euphemia in our previous episodes. This week, Caroline invited Euphemia back to unpack the themes of their new book.


Euphemia grapples with any of the harder-to-grasp elements of sex and sexuality and shines a light on the importance of reconceiving pleasure as not just something we experience during sex, but something that is available to us in unexpected moments.


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