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Season 1

Long-play: Alisha Williams

ft. Alisha Williams

On the face of it, the sex industry appears to be a sex-positive haven. Growing rapidly, it's become a highly competitive industry and an attractive investment opportunity for those with a buck or many to spare. However, with this comes the expected; individuals willing to put profit over honesty and integrity.


Despite appearances, the sex toy industry in Australia and elsewhere is hugely male-dominated. Greenwashing is quickly becoming part of the industry's rhetoric. Social ideas, like feminism, are being co-opted for marketing purposes by companies who appear to be doing less than walking the talk.


Layer on top of this the unregulated nature of the industry, and you have a recipe for attracting cowboys by the dozen. 


No one is better placed to comment on these issues than Alisha Williams, the founder of Rosewell. Rosewell is a sex care brand based in Brisbane, Australia. Alisha started the company three years ago, and the brand has become hugely popular. 


In this episode, Alisha and Caroline share their experiences working in the sex industry in Australia. They discuss what it's like working as two young women in a male-dominated industry, the social implications of branding and the current ethical plights of the sex industry.



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Creator & host: Caroline Moreau-Hammond

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