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Live at MPavilion - Exploring the Future of Sex Through Design

ft. Judith Glover, Lucy Wark and Jenny Kennedy

Back in March, we hosted our first live event with Australia's leading architecture commission, MPavilion. This week, we're releasing the recording with you all.


This conversation explores how design impacts our most intimate moments and how technology can be designed as a catalyst for connection. To help investigate, Caroline invited three panellists; RMIT professor and sex toy designer Judith Glover, founder of sexual wellness brand Normal, Lucy Wark, and author and sex-tech researcher, Jenney Kennedy.


The panel explores questions such as, how should we design technologies related to human sexuality and intimacy? Which sexual dilemmas can be solved using technology and which can’t? Why do technological solutions so often feel like a bandaid for more profound issues of connection and intimacy?



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Host and producer: Caroline Moreau-Hammond 

Editor and composer: Zoltan Fecso

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