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Season 1

Hardcore Tenderness: Reinterpreting What We Think About Kink.

ft. Janet Hardy, Emma Steel & Caz Killjoy

Would you consider yourself kinky or maybe more vanilla? Have you ever wanted to explore the world of BDSM, but felt a bit lost and intimidated?


In this episode, we explore the softer side of kink. By deconstructing some of the many misunderstandings surrounding kink and BDSM, we begin to see kink in a whole new light. 


Along with Professional Dominatrix and Gestalt Therapist Emma Steel, and author Janet Hardy, we traverse the nuances of power dynamics, communication, and safety.


Sex educator and disability advocate, Caz Killjoy, shows us the enormously vast ways kink can be experienced, sharing their experience of using kink to manage chronic pain and unpack harmful conditioning. 


We also discuss some of the conundrums that arise when the activities of underground communities become more mainstream, and the importance of education in preventing injuries and reducing harm. 




Caz Killjoy: https://connectwithcaz.com/

Caz co-founded The Disability and Sexuality Access Network: https://www.dasanetwork.org/


Emma Steel: https://en.lady-emma-steel.com/

The dungeon Emma co-owns, LUX: http://studioluxberlin.de/en/studio-lux.html


Read this interview with Janet Hardy and find her books here: https://www.bookdepository.com/author/Janet-W-Hardy


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Producer & host: Caroline Moreau-Hammond

Producer, editor & original music: Zoltan Fecso

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