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Season 1

Are We Doing It Right? Putting Sex Into Perspective.

ft. Euphemia Russell, Raja Halwani, Lisa Wade & Victoria Brooks

This episode explores the many forces that shape our sexual behaviour. From college campuses to public sex beaches, we scrutinise how Western philosophy, dualistic thinking, gender, and binary defaults have shaped the way we have sex. 


We examine hookup culture with author and researcher Lisa Wade. Her book American Hookup: A New Culture of Sex on Campus explores the casual sex ‘scripts’ found on college campuses in the US. Lisa explains what hook up scripts are, why they’re so prevalent on campuses and the impact this has on students.


Then, we’re off France, to a public sex beach with researcher and author Victoria Brooks. Victoria’s PHD and subsequent book Fucking Law: The Search For Her Sexual Ethics is an urgent call to question the inherited philosophies that we use to define our sexuality. Victoria talks about the shame and judgement that Western philosophy projects onto women’s sexuality. 


Philosophy professor Raja Halwani gives us an analysis of Kantian moral philosophy in relation to sex and desire. We start to see some conundrums emerge…


Euphemia Russell, a pleasure coach and author, breaks down the dualistic and gendered way we tend to think about sex. They encourage us to notice what we’ve inherited versus what we actually believe. 



The first step to this, is pausing to notice...




Lisa Wade’s book American Hookup: https://lisa-wade.com/american-hookup/

Victoria Brooks’ book Fucking Law: https://www.booktopia.com.au/fucking-law-victoria-brooks/ebook/9781789040685.html

Articles and books by Raja Halwani: https://philpeople.org/profiles/raja-halwani


Pleasure coaching and writing by Euphemia Russell: https://www.iwishyouknew.net/


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Producer & host: Caroline Moreau-Hammond

Producer, editor & original music: Zoltan Fecso

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