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HOTBOIYO's Holiday Gift Guide

HOTBOIYO's Holiday Gift Guide

Find the perfect gift in our holiday gift guide curated by Oscar M (aka HOTBOIYO).
By Oscar M

Oscar shares his favourite selection of Becuming toys for the holiday season.

Slow Pleasure by Euphemia Russell

"I would like to gift this with love to all my trans friends – I want to see them all embrace sexual autonomy and discover themselves outside the realms of cis norms and fetish culture. You all deserve to love every inch of yourself in all ways."

A practical and philosophical exploration of how to claim, prioritise and integrate pleasure into daily life.

Buy now – $29.00

Nova Balls

"To all my pussy owning sex worker friends, this is the kit for you! It comes in three sizes that develop the PC muscle step by step. Sexual health is key to the job, we all know this is the muscle we flex the
most ;)"

Three balls, which gradually increase in weight and size, for a range of kegel exercise.

Buy now – $69.00

The Boss Stub

"We all know girth matters! I would gift this to my fellow trans brothers because they deserve to feel sexy and strong. Feeling inadequate in the bedroom is a far too common story for some of us – I doubt they will feel inadequate with this one."

A realistic dildo with a wide shaft.

Buy now – $89.00

Spreader Bar

"I died when I saw this! I would gift this to my partner in a heartbeat – I chose the wider spread because who wouldn’t want to see their partner in that!"

A padded spreader bar for added control and restraint.

Buy now – $140.00


"This one is just for me; I love how discreet and easy to travel it is. I am a range kind of guy and the settings are what really drew me in. If you are someone on the go like me, or like a bit of alone time to relax this gift is for you too ;)!"

A sleek and discreet clitoral stimulator.

Buy now – $149.00

Oscar M

– Queer Trans man