Seriously. Tell us what gets you off, and we’ll deliver a personalised selection of sex toys straight to your door.

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Explore what gets you off with a personalised selection of sex toys delivered straight to your door.

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...our quiz. Let us know what you’re into, what you’re not, what you’re curious about.

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...a curated selection of sex toys based on your responses. Delivered discreetly, of course.

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...with yourself. Or a partner. Whoever, really. So long as you’re exploring what feels good.

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...what’s working for you. Give us feedback about what you liked, and what you want to explore next.


If you don't have a toy (or don't know which one you own) then chances are, one of these two is where you should start.

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Only the best brands for your bits.

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Waxing philosophical on all of our different taboos, traditions, and turn-ons. No judgement, no shade, no wrong answers.


  • 01

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    Welcome to The Philosophy of Sex!

    Everyone's talking about sex. But, where's the information really coming from?

  • 02

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    Are we doing it right? Putting sex into perspective.

    (ft. Euphemia Russell, Raja Halwani, Lisa Wade & Victoria Brooks). From college campuses to public sex beaches, we scrutinise how Western philosophy, dualistic thinking, gender, and binary defaults have shaped the way we have sex.

  • 03

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    Sexology, Pathology & the path to female pleasure

    (ft. Liz Canner, Kassandra Mourikis, Laura Eustace and Francesca Gonzales). Would you take an orgasm pill, if it existed? If you didn’t want to, what other roads to more pleasurable sex are available? In this episode, we examine the influences impacting how women relate to their pleasure.

  • 04

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    Why is sex still taboo?

    (ft. Cheyenne M Davis, Sue Jaye Johnson & Jeanne Proust). Google “sex and taboo” and you’ll be returned results like “It’s 2021. Why is sex still taboo?” It’s a fair question. It is 2021, so why is sex still taboo? In this episode, we explore the underlying purposes taboo serves when it comes to sex.

  • 05

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    Tantra: appropriate or appropriated?

    Depending on where you look, you might get the impression that Tantra is anything from a lifestyle choice, to sexual therapy, to a religious practice. In this episode, we explore the grey areas surrounding Tantra.

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